RhinoGold 3.0 News

There are a lot of news and improves tools. In this section we will comment most of them.


Smart Curve


Gem Info

New tool for creating curves which will change your way of modeling. More effective control!


All of the information on our gems presented visually and with just one click. Shows dimensions and weight.

Text on Curve


Gems by two curves

Creation of unlimited texts.  Lets you create text on a 2D or 3D curve in curve mode or on solids!


Automatically creates gems from two flat curves or 3D, adapting the sizes and distances between them for optimum fit.

Smart Grid


Head Studio

New function which automatically controls the density of the grid.


New, improved functions for controlling all parameters. Also geometric improvements for export to 3D printers.

Dynamic Prongs



New tool for dynamic positioning of prongs or decorative elements. Ideal for the most demanding user.


More options: Setting of the base point and numeric definition of form values.

Automatic Pave


Multiple Pipe

Improved algorithm; better results obtained more easily.


Lets you create multiple pipes with various curves; possibility of defining initial, middle and final diameter.

Dynamic Pave


Move Normal to Surface

New functions for the most demanding users. Allows vertical and horizontal symmetry, and also limit circle marking the separation between stones.


Move normal objects in seconds to a surface. Ideal for adjusting gems, as well as many other things.

Move Commands


Animation Studio

Soft move, Soft Curve Editing, Soft Surface Editing, Move Subcurves, etc. Now completely integrated into the RhinoGold interface.


Completely integrated into RenderStudio. With a new method of automatically creating camera trajectories.

Dynamic Array


Path from Camera

More dynamic than ever! Now with the possibility of moving objects vertically or normal to surface.


Maximum ease and control when creating curves for professional animation.

Offset In/Out


Render Studio

New options in this versatile tool for multiple offset: no corner, sharp, round, smooth and bevel.


Complete integration into RhinoGold Render Studio 2.0 from the Render tab.

Ring Size Creator


Average Curves on Surface

Now with Fleximetric technology! Totally editable and configurable. Compatibility with history.


New tool for creating average curves on a surface.

Dynamic Thickness


Shake Objects

Analysing the thickness of models is as simple as placing the cursor over the part to be analysed. If you also click on it, it will show the elevation.


Ideal complement for Boolean tools.

Textures 3D



More than 20 new textures available in this new version - from the classic to the spectacular.


Completely integrated into Grasshopper. Explore new forms in RhinoGold. For the most discerning minds!

Extrude Surface



The most advanced surface extrusion tools now completely integrated into the RhinoGold interface.




RhinoGold 2.0 News

There are a lot of news and improves tools. In this section we will comment most of them.


General improves:

Fleximetrical Technology:

This new technology allows creating parametrical objects to be edited without the complexity of the standard linear parametric tree of parametrical software.


It is a window located, by default, on the right. It has three sections: Explorer, Materials, and Library.

Explorer: appears a list of parametrical objects we have on our document.

Materials: Materials List for Real-Time rendering.

Library: shows our designs.

User Folder: independent configuration for each user.

64bits: Fully functional in 64bits.

Corporative Networks: works in corporative networks and with users without administrator rights.


Jewelry Tools:


Gem Studio:


Gem Studio allows us to place different stone cuts in our models in accordance with the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and custom sizes. New stones cuts in 2.0.

Gem Creator:


This tool allows us to create any gem shape using a curve. This new functionality breaks any limitation using any gem cut.

Convert gems: simple shape and real shape:


This functionality simplify the gem shape, it improves x24 the performance. Convert in one click to simple shape, and real shape.



RhinoGold offers a powerful tool for pave design, in automatic and dynamic mode.

Automatic Pave:


It creates paves automatically. There is the option to define a size or use our stock. There are models available.

UV Pave:


It creates a pave automatically. There is the option to define one or several sizes.

Dynamic Pave:


Extremely useful to complement human, automatic or advanced pave.

Bezel Studio:


Important improves, now allows creating bezels more complex, save libraries and completely parametrical.

Head Studio:


Important improves, now allows creating heads more complex, save libraries and completely parametrical.

Prong Studio:


Important improves, now allows creating prongs more complex, save libraries and completely parametrical.

Cutter Studio:


Important improves, now allows creating cutters more complex, save libraries and completely parametrical.

Ring Wizard:


Wizard to create rings according to profiles. It is very quick and practical for new users and really powerful for advanced users. The rings are editable parametrically.

Ring Size Creator:


RhinoGold creates the base circle, the starting point for modeling our ring, using standard measures from Europe, the UK, the United States and Japan.

Personalized regions:


It allows creating ring sizes regions.

Jewelry Vault and Library:


Jewelry Vault makes it easy for us to manage our different models. In this way, users can create their own component libraries to use in future designs. It is integrated to the browser and it is really interesting to create your own parametrical library.

Linear Array:


It allows us to create arrays both easily and dynamically and permits us to define advanced parameters, such as scaling, rotation, gradients...

Polar Array:


It allows us to create polar arrays easily and dynamically and permits us to define advanced parameters, such as copies, angle, justify...

Dynamic Profiles:


This allows us to use our section library to move them, rotate them and change sizes. Very useful for creating any type of accessory in a matter of seconds. The profiles may be defined by the user.

Manager Profiles:


Now profiles are really easy to manage. We can rename or delete them in just one click.

Add Profiles:


Profiles Creation and Display Mode of itself have been improved.

Scale Rings:


It allows us to scale one ring to other sizes in just one click.

Copy by Gems:


Powerful and easy tool to copy any object from stones. Useful for creating grain or complex prongs.


Effectiveness improves:



It allows us to cut any object simply selecting planar curves.

Go to center:


It places one or several objects on C Plane just clicking anyone key



Join all curves of our document in just one click.

Extract Pipe Center:


Creates the central point of a pipe.

Quadruple Symmetry:


Creates symmetry on X and Y axes of one or several objects in just one click.

Vertical Symmetry:


Creates symmetry on X axe of one or several objects in just one click.

Horizontal Symmetry:


It creates symmetry on Y axe of one or several objects in just one click.

Curve from Gems:


Creates the lane curve through the center of two or more gems.

Gem Display Mode


Allows defining Display Mode, may being Render, Shaded and Wireframe of all gems of our document.

Extract Gem base curve:


Creates the base point of one or several gems.

Offset In/Out:


Allows us to create offset of one or several curves in some planes at the same time.


Artistic Tools:


Raster to Vector:


Convert images and hand drawings to graphic vectors, useful for 3D design, milling and engraving.

Place Image 1.1:


We can import any sketch, drawing or image at 1:1 scale just in one click. In this version the image is attached on the document.

Relief Studio:


This tool creates reliefs from curves. We have the option to define the relieve profile. The result can be created in meshes or surfaces.

Height fields by colors:


Creates 3D models from pictures, but in color. Define a height for each color, and pumping on the transparency.

3D Textures:


From an image, create a 3D Texture on an object. 3D Textures are fully manufactured because is a standard geometrical object.

Celtic Knots:

Creates Celtic knots in 2D and 3D, in curve and solids.


Manufacturing Tools:

STL Repairing Wizard:


Algorithm calculation has been improved.

Integration to CAM systems:


Is fully integrated with the most popular CAM Systems, such as Modela Player, SRP Player, DeskProto,...


Analyze Tools:

Weight for Metals and Gems


Calculate the weight of our design in just one click.

Weight Alarm:


Analyze en real time the weight of our objects, indicating the results visually.


This tool creates a report of your model, having the possibility to export it in Web format (HTML).


Communication tools

Real-Time Rendering:


Output improves, more materials and much easier to create our own ones.

Rendering Compatibility:


Is totally compatible with Flamingo, Penguin, Brazil, HyperShot, V-Ray and Maxwell.

Materials Library:


Includes a jewelry material library for Flamingo, Brazil and HyperShot.



New scenarios available.

Animation Studio:


This allows us to create videos in seconds.
The user defines the camera parameters, the video quality: email, web and DVD, the favorite render and export it using your favorites codec.


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